Deisel Watches, I wasn't with them in almost any unnormal way and you're even permitted to place them into water, something similar to 10 meters approximately. However, its a leather wristband and so i don't recommend it.

As pointed out above, i made use of the diesel watches on sale pretty normal, nothing spectacular. Eventually the timepiece fell on the floor (happened two times approximately before with no damage) and so the glass was damaged. The harm wasn't that large however it kinda sucks the glass can break simply because the timepiece fell on the ground.

Annually later, the wristband fell into mens watches. I am not necessarily impressed with the standard, because the leather was broken at a number of points after some occasions it simply broke from the watch.

So yeah, the standard is not great. If you prefer a diesel watches men out for 24 months, great. Try not to expect it to last forever, if you are using it normally after like three years it will be in pieces. After a short while you will also notice scratches. This is not on the glass itself but around the relaxation from the watch. It is not the very best material.